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Harvey John Ayers is currently employed as a Sarasota County Code Enforcement Officer earning $43,306.00 per year.

He is responsible for ensuring that buildings and structures, both residential and commercial are in compliance with local, state and federal building codes and standards to ensure that the citizens of Sarasota County live in a safe and healthy environment.

Officer Harvey Ayers has authority similar to police powers that enables him to inspect properties and homes, and issue citations when code violations exist.

Code Enforcement Officers are an important part of our local government.


In light of recently discovered complaints regarding the behavior and abuses of Harvey Ayers, an investigation ensued which has shockingly revealed the following history:

From 1998 until 2003 Harvey Ayers was a sworn Desoto County Sheriff’s Deputy. Public Records obtained from that agency revealed:

  • Harvey Ayers was investigated for the shooting death of a citizen and was later sued for wrongful death.

    Harvey Ayers resigned from Desoto County Sheriff’s Office on April 04, 2003.

    From 2003 until 2012 Harvey Ayers found employment as a sworn Punta Gorda Police Officer and Detective. Public records obtained from the Punta Gorda Police Department reveal that Harvey Ayers was the subject of nearly 40 Internal Affairs Investigations:

    • Harvey Ayers was reprimanded for conduct unbecoming of a Punta Gorda Police Officer for engaging in a Sexual Activity while on duty. Harvey Ayers while on duty, allowed prisoner to escape due to his negligence, placing the community in danger. Harvey Ayers; while laughing in the presence of witnesses, referred to a young mentally challenged boy as a “RETARD”, then attempted to defend and diminish his behavior. Harvey Ayers abused his authority by intimidating and coercing a citizen into destroying property that was not illegal. Harvey Ayers intimidated a disabled veteran into allowing Ayers to perform an illegal search where no evidence that a crime had ever been committed.
    • Harvey Ayers conducted an illegal search and seizure resulting in the State Attorney’s Office dropping drug charges on a suspect.
    • Harvey Ayers mishandled seized narcotics. Harvey Ayers was investigated for illegal search and seizure and harassment of an African American female. Harvey Ayers was required to attend a mandatory course in Bias and Base Profiling

    In August 2012,after many lengthy investigations of Harvey Ayers by Punta Gorda Chief of Police Albert Arenal fired Harvey Ayers after a lengthy investigation into Ayer’s misconduct; including lying and being untruthful, which attracted local media attention;
    Fox Channel 4 News, NBC News and the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Pages. 60-64.

    Harvey Ayers was sued on at least 5 occasions in Federal and State Courts for violations of citizen’s civil rights:

    Charles Lee Thomas v. Punta Gorda, Harvey Ayers (False Arrest without probable cause). Anton Rashad Blandin vs. Charlotte County, Harvey Ayers (Police Brutality). Scott Weinerth vs. Harvey Ayers, City of Punta Gorda (False Arrest). Vierginia Artubel vs. Colonial Bank Group (Unlawful search and seizure, perjury, malicious prosecution). Joshual L. Neal vs. Punta Gorda Police Department/Harvey Ayers, (Indifference to Police Brutality).

    Unbelievably, Harvey Ayers then brought his abusive, reckless, untruthful, harassing, bullying and intimidating tactics to Sarasota County, where he was hired as a code enforcement officer. Public records obtained from Sarasota County employment record reveal the following:

    • Harvey Ayers purposefully mislead relevant information pertinent to his termination from the City of Punta Gorda Police Department on his Sarasota County application for employment. Contained in this packet and also his employment file.

    • Harvey Ayers violated his ethical agreement as a Sarasota County employee: On December 15, 2017 at an Administrative Hearing in front of a Special Magistrate, Harvey Ayers lied and committed the crime of Perjury twice while under oath:

    In a recent Administrative hearing and Under Oath, Harvey Ayers was questioned.

    Sarasota County’s Oath is based on the Florida Statute 90.605 “Do you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury that the evidence and testimony you are about to present is truthful?”

    “Q: Does your position with Sarasota County Enforcement require honesty and integrity?

    “A: (Harvey Ayers) “Yes”.

    “Q: In your years of public service; you are in a public service position right now am I correct? Have you ever been found to be dishonest?

    “A: (Harvey Ayers) Pause…, “NO Sir!”.

    Contractor: “Special Magistrate Meg Wittmer, I have substantial evidence that Mr. Harvey Ayers has told another untruthfulness or a lie whatever you want to call it.

    I believe that the credibility of the witness is in question here and now I have two objections to Mr. Ayers’ credibility, he has just lied and said he has never been dishonest.

    The integrity of these proceedings and swearing under oath is vital to a proper defense, a proper prosecution of Sarasota County and when a witness makes a comment that he has never been dishonest which is now on the records and I have this
    (referring to a large stack of public records and investigations into Harvey Ayers history) from the City of Punta Gorda, where he was found to be untruthful after more than 40 Internal Affairs Investigations, plus, plus, plus…”

    “A: (Harvey Ayers) I have no problem answering any questions Your Honor, I can maybe clear this up”.

    “A: (Harvey Ayers) Yes, Your Honor, I have not been dishonest, I have not ever been accused of or found to be perjured or false statements in my entire career in law enforcement or in code enforcement, I was ultimately terminated from the Punta Gorda Police Department yes, I did, but not for lying or for perjury or for false statements…they were policy violations… I have never been untruthful, I have no reason to lie and I am not going to lie today and I am going to be completely upfront and honest”. (See audio attached/online).

    Learn more, download documents and hear the actual audio at:

    All documents contained herein have been obtained from legal Florida Public Records Requests under The Freedom of information Act and Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes; from Desoto County Sheriff’s Office, City of Punta Gorda Police Department and also from the Sarasota County Government employee records for Harvey John Ayers that reveals that Sarasota County was aware of his sordid past prior to him being hired (much of these documents are in his employment file) by Sarasota County, yet still hired Harvey Ayers. There MUST be accountability.

    “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run for their lives”. -Ronald Reagan.

    “Public Service is TRUST”.
    “A Man without ethics is a beast loosened upon this world”.
    -Albert Camus

    “The Safety of the people shall be the highest law”.
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero

    “Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life”.
    Albert Schweitzer

    “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”.
    -Nelson Mandela

    “Accountability is Paramount!”

    If you too are outraged that Sarasota County and the people charged with protecting the citizens of Sarasota County, would willingly, knowingly, negligently and deliberately hire Harvey Ayers with prior knowledge of his sordid history, and then condone and promote his repugnant behavior; then contact your local and state government officials, express your concerns, disapproval and opinions:

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    Sarasota County mailing address: 1660 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL  34236

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    Senator Greg Steube - Phone: (941)-342-9162 Email:
    Senator Bill Nelson - Phone: 407-872-7161 or 202-224-5274
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    Governor Rick Scott - Phone: 850-488-7146

    "The guy has to say something about everything!!! It's all against him, and he is a crusader for justice (LOL) watch that go on a website!!" As quoted by Sergio Gonzalez of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation - Regional Program Administrator.


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