Our faith in the criminal justice system depends on the knowledge that everyone is playing by the rules. While many police departments and officers make concerted efforts to operate within the rules, police corruption persists.

Sarasota County Code Enforcement is corrupt, citations that are unfounded and using Harvey Ayers, a lying ex-police officer that was fired to be their hitman. Accused of rape, sex while on duty, and so many other egregious violations.
With the broad financial, reporting, and on-the-ground responsibilities of law enforcement, opportunities for abuse abound.

We also advocate for transparency and accountability in law enforcement’s use of civil asset forfeiture laws and funds.

By ensuring the law is enforced legitimately and through honest means, we seek to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement agencies and their communities, helping citizens remain safe and free.

There is an epidemic of police killing and abusing Black and Brown people. And we have an Attorney General hell-bent on making sure these injustices continue for a very long time.
Communities and movements have been fighting for generations to achieve real accountability for prosecutors and police.
Not only is Jeff Sessions working to dismantle that progress, he’s crafting initiatives and policies that will make these betrayals of justice even worse.
We live in a world today where we have no reliable data on how many people are shot by police officers each year. Where police can use the same weapons of war our military uses in Iraq and Afghanistan on our streets. Where prosecutors protect police departments, not the communities that elect them, and turn a blind eye to police misconduct.
Prosecutors and law enforcement should be accountable to the communities they serve, but Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department is widening the divide between police and communities and fueling mass incarceration.
We will not accept this. We must take action to ensure real accountability and community safety.
Join us in making five clear demands to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Justice Department must:
  • Develop guidelines for prosecutors to shrink racial disparities, bolster accountability, and reduce mass incarceration;
  • Enforce requirements for data collection and reporting on police-community encounters;
  • De-militarizing the police;
  • Stop allowing police departments to profit by seizing property; and
  • Restore community policing programs.
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Harvey Ayers
Sarasota County
Code Corruption

UPDATE: On May 18, 2018, the county revealed for the first time that Ayers entered into a separation agreement with the city of Punta Gorda, where the city agreed to supplement the Police Chief's findings regarding the accusations of untruthfulness and conduct unbecoming an officer. However we have contacted the City Punta Gorda, and although they have confirmed the authenticity of the separation agreement, no supplemental memorandum exists as indicated in the agreement. It should noted that the City of Punta Gorda agreed to the terms of this document only after Ayers filed a grievance and appeal to the Police Chief's findings, apparently to avoid liability. We felt compelled to supply this document for the sake of completeness.

No Supplemental Memorandum Exists